About Us

Since Tuesday August 31, 2004, there has been 188,990 page views (over 5 million hits) and the DJzone Network changed the way that DJ’s will receive their NEWS! At 12:05 AM, DJNN (The DJ News Network) was launched through the internet and sharing news to DJ’s will never be the same again. DJNN or www.djnn.com is our new web portal that features TV edited news shows featuring the latest products, services and technologies for mobile, club and hobbyist DJ’s Our programs are shot on location from DJ and other music industry trade shows. Products and information of interest is reported on with personality and flair. Each days convention coverage is professionally videotaped and edited nightly for swift upload onto the World Wide Web. Interested parties have access to immediate viewing of DJNN.com. The really exciting part about this for manufacturers with newly released or soon to be launched products is that you can disseminate information literally overnight — There is no waiting for your advertisement to appear in an industry magazine in 30 or 60 days. DJNN has changed DJ history.

On June 10, 2011 DJNN, the leader in online DJ news and information via video decided to add extra content to enhance their what they offer their viewers. Instead of looking all over the internet for videos to assist you with your DJ business, inform you of the happenings in our industry and the latest in DJ gear and lighting, we have become a one stop website for your viewing pleasure.